Corporate Energy Strategies

The Challenge

Ecom-Energy's Corporate Energy Strategies

Healthcare system’s ability to systematically assess energy, sustainability, savings, and environmental stewardship grows more difficult and cumbersome. Ensuring that facilities are sharing best practices is challenging enough; but eliminating disjointed efforts and implementing systematic strategies and programs is overwhelming.

A few things to consider:

  • How do you bring multiple facilities together to standardize the system’s approach to energy?
  • Have executives realized the need for system-wide energy management and environmental stewardship?
  • Are facilities communicating to share best practices?
  • Are energy contracts aggregated (where advantageous) and coterminous with the same favorable terms and conditions?
  • Have you set and/or hit carbon reduction and sustainability goals?
  • Have you assessed a portfolio-approach to onsite generation projects such as solar, battery storage, cogeneration, and fuel cells?
  • Is your healthcare system benchmarking its annual energy use and cost? Have short- and long-term reduction targets been set?
  • What current and upcoming regulatory mandates may impact energy at your facilities?

The Solution

Ecom-Energy’s Corporate Energy Strategy (CES) program allows healthcare customers to achieve energy harmony. By utilizing Ecom-Energy’s complete suite of services, strategies, and bringing facilities together, healthcare organizations can systematically understand and control their energy use and cost.

Best of all, we walk alongside every customer and drive processes to reduce workload and burden on customers. Each Corporate Energy Strategy is unique and custom-tailored to the needs and goals of your system. Ecom-Energy’s Corporate Energy Strategies are powered by our core services:

Tracking Success

Using its expertise as Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals (CMVP™), Ecom-Energy tracks every component of a healthcare system's energy use and cost. This ensures leadership can make data driven decisions that maximize savings and reach sustainability goals.


The CES Cycle

Ecom-Energy’s Corporate Energy Strategy is designed for ongoing improvement and energy excellence. Rather than working toward one-time goals, our CES ensures long term success via a continuous cycle of energy management, always building upon prior project and strategy successes.

Learn About the CES Cycle
Ecom-Energy's Corporate Energy Strategy (CES) Cycle Flyer

Certified Sustainable Development Professionals

Our expert staff includes Certified Sustainable Development Professionals (CSDP™) as certified by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

CSDP - Certified Sustainable Development Professional