An Update on Assembly Bill 3232

Ecom-Energy recently informed you about Assembly Bill 3232. This legislation sought to create formal building electrification goals for California, requiring that 100% of new construction be all-electric by 2030. Additionally, it would require that the state come up with a plan to reduce GHG emissions from existing buildings to 50% below 1990 levels by 2030.

On May 25, the bill passed out of appropriations, but thanks to your engagement, the bill will be amended to include ratepayer safeguards, cost effectiveness evaluations, and legislative oversight.

Based upon these amendments, SoCalGas, along with the California Building Industry Association, California Chamber of Commerce, California Manufacturing and Technology Association, and other key stakeholders, are changing their position on the bill to neutral.

Ecom-Energy closely monitors the legislative environment to stay abreast of updates like AB 3232. We will continue to monitor this and other topics and will keep you informed of relevant changes.